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THE MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES OF TURKEY ENERGY FOUNDATION Turkey Energy Foundation membership is based on non-governmental organization, it brings together institutions and organizations who work in the area of attention and interest are energy. The aim of foundation is competence in the energy sources, energy technologies, policies, diplomacy and national and international developments that are taking place in the energy markets and the active participation and contribution are in independent and intends to perform work in this direction. TENVA in this context, nationally and internationally in the field of energy

  • The production of knowledge and experience, sharing and spreading
  • Active contribution and participation to decision mechanism
  • New initiatives, the determination and implementation of cooperation
  • The development and promotion of research and improvement
  • Capacity to perform

Activities are aimed at improving. The members of TENVA, the Foundation’s mission is being carried out within the framework of activities and membership of the scope of work and responsibilities within the framework have the possibility to benefit a wide range. Members, which will be held for all areas of the energy roundtable meetings, symposia, workshops, congresses, and conferences will be entitled to participate; comes within the activities of domestic and foreign government officials, the industry’s leading investors and senior executives and academics to develop the network will have unique opportunities. TENVA taking into consideration different demands and expectations, energy, which is of interest to individuals and legal entities established differentiated membership packages. In this frame, Corporate and Individual membership options are presented as a base, wherein the separate classifications were made in the context of membership options.

  1. Corporate Membership (yearly contribution[1]: 10.000TL)

Corporate, foundation and operation who join the TENVA corporate membership, activities of foundation to be performed which revealed support for dissemination of the foundation and will contribute to the achievement of national and international purposes. However, active participation and contributions of our members revealed their experiences with the information-sharing, collaboration and networking to obtain a value-based process will take place in the well. Corporate Membership package contents are listed below. The benefit of corporate membership:

  • Prior contribution of roundtable meetings, symposia, workshops, networking event etc. the frame of membership rights in the context of each member with a maximum of 3 people can participate in activities. (except the Foundation qualified – excluding closed-door meeting of foreign participation)
  • Energy Panorama membership (for 3 people)
  • Publication in Foundations (Energy Panorama) will take place 30% discount for ads
  • Activities are to be carried out by the Foundation will be invited guests 25% discount on the participation fee.
  • 20% discount on sponsorship fee
  • Members and logo to take place on the website of the Foundation
  • Other institutions and organizations will be held by conference fee discount on the participation fee
  • Online access to reports produced by TENVA
  • Use TENVA training hall at discount price

However, the Corporate Membership packages that are members of non-governmental organizations working in the area managers and / or staff TENVA meet researchers acquainted with joint projects, the possibility of realizing their own, as would be by the Foundation activities within the public sector, academia and the business community with senior officials to contact the facility to will have.

  1. Individual Membership (yearly contribution: 1200 TL)

The contribution of TENVA membership program help to become a part of the community who be formed representatives distinguished manager, academicians, public officials and non-governmental organizations; by sharing knowledge and experience will significantly contribute to intellectual accumulation. The benefit of İndividual Membership:

  • Prior contribution of roundtable meetings, symposia, workshops, networking event etc. (except the Foundation qualified – excluding closed-door meeting of foreign participation).
  • Discount of the participation fee hold the conference by the other institutions and organizations
  • Energy Panorama membership
  • Activities are to be carried out by the Foundation will be invited guests 25% discount on the participation fee.

Academicians and undergraduate who want to be member of individual membership package will be able to benefit from special discount. Comes from membership dues academicians working in universities (50%), research assistants, graduate students and senior undergraduate students (75%) will benefit from yearly contribution discount.

[1] Yearly contribution taken in the date of membership

Information document of membership package (.PDF)