Research Centers

Research Center of energy Technologies and Sustainability:

With in the scope of center; primary studies were conducted on energy resources, technological solutions to energy generation and consumption, simultaneously with research and practice on efficiency of energy and sustainability focal points.

Research Center of International Energy Regulations and Diplomacies:

Within the scope of this center; developments in the fields of energy resource diversity, infrastructure, resource reliability, international energy politics and energy projects, regional energy politics and strategies, elaborations in international energy market are subject to research and practice.

Research Center of Energy Market and Regulatory Operations:

Apart from regulation, licensing, monitoring, pricing and such main branches on energy market, researches and practices are being conducted on the focal titles; energy law, consumer rights and rivalry with in the ‘Research Center of Energy Market and Regulatory Operations’.

Directors of TENVA Research Centers:

  • Doç. Dr. Kürşad Derinkuyu
  • Dr. Fehmi Tanrısever
  • Dr. Fatih Cemil Özbuğday